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Airboat Tours

Airboat Tours

Airboat tours in West palm Beach are exciting, Although it is one of the top attractions to spot exotic wildlife.  This is one of the reasons why so many people come to west palm beach , as well as Florida to enjoy an airboat tour. The Florida Everglade’s is one of the best places to experience an airboat tour. Considering the Everglades has up to 350+ different species of wildlife ranging from birds to exotic land animals.

Airboat Tours Alligators

Do not forget about the famous American Alligator, Although they may be hard to spot they make there home in the Everglades. The American Alligator is the symbol of the Florida Everglades he roams freely among the marsh. On your airboat ride we spot many alligators of different sizes and sometime,s including baby alligators. On your Everglades tour it is wise to bring a camera to capture these ancient creatures. The alligators have been roaming the earth since the dinosaurs. The American Alligator is often seen on every airboat tour.

Airboat Tours West Palm Beach

Airboat tours in west palm beach are similar to being on a motorcycle with no helmet, although you feel like you are gliding across water and grass. Everything you see is real, you get to see wildlife up close and personal as well as great photo oppertunittys. The Everglades tours are extremely safe as they are US Coast Guard certified airboats and operated by experienced captains. The engines of airboat can be quite loud, which is why every passenger is provided with ear protection equipment.

Airboat Rides Florida

The airboat rides in Florida allow you to view a good amount of wildlife, as well as the everglades birds. There are  many species of aquatic life in the Everglades, as well as fish. You can book an airboat ride at any time of the year and  get a unique experience and spot a different  species every time. You can always ask the captain questions if you want to learn something new. Come join us for a experience you will not forget. A Florida airboat tour from West Palm Beach, very exciting to say the least. Contact us today Airboat Ride Rates & Packages

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