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Airboat Rides West Palm Beach: what is the CERP

Airboat Rides West Palm Beach: What is the CERP

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The Everglades was once a wetland covering 3 million acres across Florida. This wetland saw much sawgrass and a thriving ecosystem. However, the instruction of dikes and canals in the early/mid-1900s began to drain the area of its freshwater. Creating land for urban,...
Everglades Invasive Species Florida Burmese python

Everglades Invasive Species

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Everglades Invasive Species – The Animals That came to Florida Florida counts many invasive animal species. Unlike native species, invasive ones are not initially from the area but have come from other places and established their territory rather aggressively. Those species...
Everglades Endangered Species Florida Manatee

Everglades Endangered Species

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Everglades Endangered Species – Incredible Animals in Florida Florida’s West Palm Beach has always attracted nature lovers’ curiosity. There are plenty of reasons why its nature reserve is amongst the favorite tourist spots. Beyond the more traditional holiday activities, the...